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Getting Started

It begins here!!


Do you want to get back in your body?

…to feel connected to your centre?

…alive in your body again?

In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty sessions you’ll see the difference and in thirty sessions you’ll have a new body. ~Joseph Pilates

How it works:

1. Initially we have a discovery session as a consultation on your personal requirements from me. This is approximately 15 minutes. We can meet online, you can tell me about you and see how the online set up works. I will then send you a link to book into the classes.

2. You book & pay online.

3. I send you a link to join the scheduled class. I am currently using a platform called Zoom, which I recommend to you, but if you have a request for something different like Skype or FaceTime most things are possible.

4. 5-10 minutes before the class time, you set up your webcam and your mat in a position that I can see you side on and full length on your mat. Full height could also be useful but not essential.

5. At the scheduled time, you click the link and we join each other online for the class.


What you can expect:

Private classes: only you and I will be interacting on the call. I can make a recording of the session which you can keep.

Group classes: there will be a few of us interacting on the call. I can give you more details of what you can set up as your preferences on the group call on our discovery session.


Getting Started

Please fill out this Discovery Session application! In return I will send you a link to book your free session!

Lets get you started! Tell me in the form, what I can do for you, what offerings you'd like to try, and list any relevant injuries or health complaints.
  • This could be anything you currently have or something significant from recent past.
  • Also list any medications or relevant recent illnesses.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.