5 areas of the body that are key to core and alignment

When I teach the basics of alignment and core awareness, I bring the client into a mindful exercise of where these body parts fall naturally for them, where they might be if alignment were optimal and how we might begin to get them into a better alignment.

  • Pelvis – does it have a forward or backward tilt, does one side appear to be different to the other? Do you have one leg longer?
  • Lower Back – how deep or small is the curvature of your lumbar spine, it it sitting in its optimal curve and length? or is there something we can do to strengthen and improve the position of those joints in the lower back area?
  • Ribcage – do the ribs feel like they stick forward? do you know how to use your abdominals to lengthen your waist and bring the upper and lower body into a strong connection?
  • Shoulder girdle – do your shoulders round forward or raise up to your ears? can you explore all possible positions of the shoulder joints – considering the 3 bones: humerus(upper arm), clavicle (collar bone) and scapula (shoulder blade). Could you find their optimum position and connect the muscles that keep the position and connect your shoulders to the rest of your core?
  • Neck – would you know how to find a really safe and strong position of your head on your neck? Could you feel when the curve of your neck is too short and tense (chin poking forward), or when the back of the neck is too long (too much flexion). Can you consciously be aware of the alignment of your head and neck and how it relates to the rest of your body alignment?

For the answer to these questions, and a guided tour of your own alignment and optimum stability in movement, look me up for an online session!