12 Good Reasons to do a Private Online class with Me

Do you remember that awesome feeling you once had after doing a Pilates class?

Maybe you have never done a class, you have no body awareness, or you are shy of attending a public class?

Here are 12 things to help you consider meeting me online:

  1. I come to you! You don’t even have to leave the house!
  2. No commuting to and from a studio, roll off your mat afterwards and get on with your evening or day.
  3. Accountability. Meeting me live will mean I’m holding a space and a time, which is all about YOU. Make that hour for yourself and we can both make sure you get your “me-time”.
  4. My voice. I can deliver a class to you verbally, articulate to you what should feel right or wrong and guide you in a similar way to what I would if I was in person. You can also ask for an audio recording of the session.
  5. My attention. You will have my undivided attention on the way you are moving and you will be surprised what I can see and sense across the camera!
  6. My demonstrations. I can show you and do the movements alongside you, highlighting what is correct, reminding you of how it should feel through every section of the movements. This can also be available afterwards as a video recording.
  7. Embody your most efficient ways of moving. When you move, you want to feel light and fluid, rather than stiff and clunky. I can help you achieve that through my instruction.
  8. Body Awareness and Self-Healing. If you have musculo-skeletal pain or discomfort in your body, I can help you discover how to reduce your discomfort through movement and awareness, I can instruct you on how to self-heal and hopefully stay pain-free and in your optimum alignment.
  9. Ability-Level tailor made for you. Perhaps you can’t attend a regular or local class due to the level being consistently wrong for you, my private session will be personalised for you.
  10. Live rural? Perhaps you live in a remote area and cannot access good quality instruction anywhere near your house.
  11. No time for a stretch? Perhaps your week is saturated with other things and you don’t make time for holistic movement and flexibility – now you can have that at home! Maybe even just a recording of a sequence recommended by me for you in just one session!
  12. Gill’s Gems of Wisdom – in addition to movement and alignment, I will add an edge of extra information, from holistic health tips to the latest cosmic energy report. I’m much more than a movement instructor. 😉
Special offers Summer 2016, just ask!